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ETM Armaturen Gate Valves (F7 Type)

ETM Armaturen Low Torque Design Gate Valve (F7 Type)

ETM Armaturen DIN Standard F7 Gate valves / (Length DIN EN 558-1,face to face series 26 )
ETM Armaturen DIN F7 Gate valve
ETM Armaturen DIN Absperrschieber F7
ETM Armaturen DIN Válvulas de compuerta F7
ETM Armaturen DIN F7 šoupátko stavební délka dle DIN EN558-1 serie 26
ETM Armaturen DIN Standard F7 sluseventil (lengde iht. DIN EN 558-1, bygge lengde serie 26)
ETM Armaturen DIN Standardında F7 Sürgülü Vana
ETM Armaturen Van cổng chuẩn DIN kiểu F7

ETM Armaturen Code No. : ETM FIG.F.163, ETM FIG.F.164
This ETM Armaturen gate valve can be used in Industry, Power stations, Flue gas purification plant, processing technology, gas supply,

vapor facilities, thermal oil applications, recycling facilities, vacuum facilities, ammonia, hot water, heating technology, district

heating, cooling and freezing systems, general plant manufacturing, steam systems.

All ETM Armaturen valves - is classed leak rate “A” in accordance with EN 12266-1.

ETM Armaturen -FIGURE F-BS/EN Standard F7 gate valve PN 40 Bar with Flanges According to DIN EN 1092-1
ETM Armaturen -F-BS/EN Standard F7 gate valve PN 63 Bar with Flanges According to DIN EN 1092-1
ETM Armaturen -FIGURE F-BS/EN Standard F7 gate valve PN 40 Bar with Butt Weld Ends According to DIN EN 12627
ETM Armaturen -FIGURE F-BS/EN Standard F7 gate valve PN 63 Bar with Butt Weld Ends According to DIN EN 12627

Material Equivalence:
EN Material Name-----------------------EN Number ------------Forgings-----------------ASTM Material-------------------Forgings
EN 10213 GP240GH---------------------1.0619------------------1.0460-----------------ASTM A216 WCB-----------------A105
EN 10213 G20Mo5-----------------------1.6220------------------1.0437-----------------ASTM A352 LCB------------------A352 LF2
EN 10213 G17CrMo5-5------------------1.7357------------------1.7335-----------------ASTM A217 WC6-----------------A182 F11
EN 10213 G17CrMo9-10----------------1.7379------------------1.7380 ----------------ASTM A217 WC9-----------------A182 F22
EN 10213 GX5CrNi19-10----------------1.4308------------------1.4301-----------------ASTM A351 CF8-----------------A182 F304
EN 10213 GX5CrNi19-11-2-------------1.4408 -----------------1.4401-----------------ASTM A351 CF8M----------------A182 F316

Cast steel PN40 ,PN63, DN40 to DN1000
Length DIN EN 558-1,face to face series 26 (DIN3202 series F7)
Rising, non rotating stem
Non rising stem
Welded seat in stellite or Cr-steel
Solid stem make of stainless material
Full port design Full length wedge guides
Stem sealing in graphite Raised, turning stem
Back sealed stem Welded seat in stellite or Cr-steel
High-tensile Gland Packing Self adjusted gland
Top Flange to ISO 5210
Gear operated
Electric actuator
Position indicator
Locking / interlock
Stem protection
Stem extension
Drain plug
By pass

Standard: Steam, gases, hot water, thermal fluids, hot oil, process water, etc.
Stainless Steel: Process water, aggressive media, etc.

Requirements and testing:
The test are carried out according to DIN EN12266-1
Shell test : nominal pressure (PN)X1.5
Tightness of seat :nominal pressure (PN)X1.1
Certificate of conformity in according to with PN-EN10204
Design according to PN-EN12516-2
Valves have been submitted for appraisal of conformity according to the directive pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC.

They can be installed on pipelines in a vertical or horizontal and operation only when fully open or closed

Butt-Welded according to EN12627,flanged according to EN1092-1 or to customer request
Face to face dimensions according to EN558-1 26 Series (DIN3202 Series F7)

Handwheel (If required)
Electric actuator
Gear box
Flange ISO5210 (Ready for actuator)

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